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QUESTION: How do voluntary organisations respond to support the community during a disaster?

THE TASK - Students (as an individual or a group) would be required to produce a 60 second video related to Civics and Citizenship. Our topics relate to the expectations of the curriculum that students will “develop values and dispositions that enable them to be active and informed citizens” and that they “will understand and contribute to the world in which they live” (Rationale). 

STUDENTS NEED TO - Prepare a 60 second video that shows how important voluntary community organizations are in a democracy, especially in times of disaster (fire, flood, drought, storm or a pandemic). The video may be the work of a whole class, a group or an individual. It can include some or all of the following: video footage, drawings, cartoons, re-enactments or interviews with members of organizations ( e.g. SES, CWA, Blaze-Aid, Rotary. Please ask permission to film). Class discussion may include understandings from English and Media, and may refer to inquiry about or actions taken by the student themselves to help such organizations. However, the spoken commentary should demonstrate understanding of the Civics and Citizenship concepts of democracy, community and citizenship. 



to Molly and Zoe, Year 9

Coolum Beach Christian College 

Fire fighter volunteer interviews 



to Rio, Tom, Luke, Year 9

Coolum Beach Christian College 

How do Sunshine Coast volunteer groups assist the community during a flood crisis?

Thankyou to all teachers, students  and schools involved in entering this competition and for sharing these great videos showing examples of  teaching and learning  in Civics and Citizenship.


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