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Year 1 Classroom Resources

Humanities and Social Sciences Year 1 Level Description

How my world is different from the past and can change in the future

The Year 1 curriculum provides a study of the recent past, the present and the near future within the context of the student’s own world. Students are given opportunities to explore how changes occur over time in relation to themselves, their own families, and the places they and others belong to. They examine their daily family life and how it is the same as and different to previous generations. They investigate their place and other places, their natural, managed and constructed features, and the activities located in them. They explore daily and seasonal weather patterns and how different groups describe them. They anticipate near future events such as personal milestones and seasons. The idea of active citizenship is introduced as students explore family roles and responsibilities and ways people care for places.

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Inquiry Questions

A framework for developing students’ knowledge, understanding and skills is provided by inquiry questions. The following inquiry questions allow for connections to be made across the sub-strands and may be used or adapted to suit local contexts: inquiry questions are also provided for each sub-strand that may enable connections within the humanities and social sciences learning area or across other learning areas.

  • How has family life and the place we live in changed over time?
  • What events, activities and places do I care about? Why?


Asia and Australia's Engagement with Asia


Aboriginal and Islander Histories and Cultures

Personal and Social Capability

  • Banjo and Ruby Red - 'Banjo is a hard-working farm dog and Ruby Red is a haughty chicken, and they never see eye to eye. Can they ever be friends? A funny and touching story of antagonism and love. '
  • Amy and Louis -' Amy and Louis are best friends. They live next door to each other. When they want to play they call to each other across the room, across the yard or across the fence using a special word Amy’s mother taught her – Coo-ee.'


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