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How do members benefit from joining?  


  • have access to members pages of our website which contain many social education related  and classroom related resource links.
  • receive a regular newsletter
  • receive notification by email of PD events
  • receive discounts to  PD events
  • have access to school memberships for up to 5 people  at a discounted price of this  group membership. 
  •  become more informed about the teaching and learning of Social Education in Queensland at all levels of education, from early childhood to tertiary
  • can be involved in professional discussion and debate in support of effective Social Education 
  • have access to professional learning in the form of  seminars, newsletters and online resources. 
  • benefit from SEAQ's involvement in educational policymaking 
  • benefit from SEAQ's support of research about Social Education and cross-disciplinary learning 
  • benefit from SEAQ's  collaboration with our national association, the Social and Citizenship Education Association of Australia SCEAA

How can members become involved in SEAQ? 

Members may:

  • Attend planned events  with discounts
  • Share teaching ideas and resources 
  • Host or present a course and/or participate in a Teacher Meet.  
  • Write articles for publication on our website or in our newsletters 
  • Present for SEAQ conferences 
  • Nominate to be a committee member

Presenting and writing for SEAQ



Stay informed about our latest news, upcoming events and resource links. Become a member today. 

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SCEAQ is not registered for GST, however, for tax invoice purposes, our ABN is: 634 828 949 03  

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