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year 2 classroom resources

Image by Conrad -Year 3 -The Southport School 

Year 2 Level Description

Our past and present connections to people and places

The Year 2 curriculum extends contexts for study beyond the personal to the community and to near and distant places that students are familiar with or aware of, exploring connections between the past and present and between people and places. Students examine remains of the past in their local area, coming to understand how connections have changed the lives of people over time and space and how their community values and preserves connections to the past. They study where they are located in the world and how the world is represented on maps and through place names that reveal the history and value of these places. Students explore other cultures’ connections to their local place and their own connections to distant places. 

The content at this year level is organised into two strandsknowledge and understanding, and inquiry and skills. The knowledge and understanding strand draws from two sub-strands: history and geography. These strands (knowledge and understanding, and inquiry and skills) are interrelated and have been developed to be taught in an integrated way, which may include integrating with content from the sub-strands and from other learning areas, and in ways that are appropriate to specific local contexts. The order and detail in which they are taught are programming decisions.

Inquiry Questions

  • What does my place tell me about the past and present?
  • How are people connected to their place and other places, past or present?
  • How has technology affected daily life over time and the connections between people in different places? 
 (Australian Curriculum)


Aborigianal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures

Asia and Australia's Engagement with Asia


Personal and Social Capability

Critical and Creative Thinking


Digital Technologies  in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Australian Curriculum content descriptions  relating to social education for the learning area of Design and Technologies.

  • Identify how people design and produce familiar products, services and environments and consider sustainability to meet personal and local community needs (ACTDEK001)
  • Explore how plants and animals are grown for food, clothing and shelter and how food is selected and prepared for healthy eating (ACTDEK003)

Fuse - Design and Technologies:

Food and Farming Interactive Games:

Grow, grow, grow - C2C Design and Technologies Years F(P)-2 Unit 2:

Farms and People's Connections to Them Video:

Farms and People's Connection to Them:

Intercultural Understanding


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