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The Social & Citizenship Educators Association of Queensland (SCEAQ) is the state professional body for social educators and community members interested in the advancement of social education in Queensland.

SCEAQ defines social education as the holistic study of the social sciences and humanities to promote the social and environmental understandings and skills that underlie civic competence

Our motto is "Exploring our interconnected world"


  • to promote, encourage and advance the teaching and learning of Social Education (or HaSS) in Queensland at all levels of education (early childhood to tertiary), especially through the lens of Civics and Citizenship Education;

  • to facilitate professional interaction, discussion and debate in support of effective social education for the benefit of the community, teachers and learners;
  • to provide activities that support teachers, such as conferences, webinars, newsletters and web-links to resources, as well as information about activities provided by other groups;
  • to assist members to understand educational policy-making and to attempt to influence such policies as necessary;
  • to liaise with the national body, Social and Citizenship Educators Association of Australia (SCEAA), and communicate as necessary with relevant community groups, the media and other professional associations (state, national and international) to promote the highest quality Social Education.

Social and Civic education draws from a range of disciplines and fields of study that are integrated to show patterns of interaction over place and time between people in social institutions and their natural and social environments. Such disciplines include anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, social psychology and sociology, as well as drawing on law, religion, philosophy and environmental education.

Social and Civic education encourages rigorous social inquiries designed to develop active and informed citizens who can:

  • analyse the past for its relevance to the present and the future;
  • make reasoned decisions about economic, geographic, cultural, social, political and environmental issues;
  • practice habits of critical questioning and reflection in order to keep themselves informed;
  • seek solutions to problems at local, national and global levels from a social justice orientation;
  • respect and value cultural diversity;
  • explore and clarify values underpinning ethical human behaviour;
  • commit to the democratic process through an understanding of Australia’s system of government and how they can participate in it;
  • take responsible action for the common good in order to contribute to more peaceful, democratic, just and sustainable futures for all in an interdependent world.


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SCEAQ is not registered for GST, however, for tax invoice purposes, our ABN is: 634 828 949 03  

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