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year 5 Classroom Resources  

Image by Thomas   Year 4 The Southport School   Winner of the Civics and Citizenhip Competition ' My Role as a Citizen in My Community'    

Year 5 Level Description Humanities and Social Sciences

Australian communities – their past, present and possible futures

The Year 5 curriculum focuses on colonial Australia in the 1800s and the social, economic, political and environmental causes and effects of Australia’s development, and on the relationship between humans and their environment. Students’ geographical knowledge of Australia and the the world is expanded as they explore the continents of Europe and North America, and study Australia’s colonisation, migration and democracy in the 1800s. Students investigate how the characteristics of environments are influenced by humans in different times and places, as they seek resources, settle in new places and manage the spaces within them. They also investigate how environments influence the characteristics of places where humans live and human activity in those places. Students explore how communities, past and present, have worked together based on shared beliefs and values. ( Australian Curriculum)

Inquiry Questions

  • How have individuals and groups in the past and present contributed to the development of Australia?
  • What is the relationship between environments and my roles as a consumer and citizen?
  • How have people enacted their values and perceptions about their community, other people and places, past and present?


Cross Curriculum Priorities

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures


Intercultural Understanding

Ethical Understanding

Critical and Creative Thinking

Civics and Citizenship

The Arts and Social Eduation

Asia and Australia's Engagement with Asia

General Capabilities


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