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Civics and Citizenship KEY IDEAS

Australian Curriculum: Civics and Citizenship (ACARA)

Key ideas around which all of the Humanities and Social Sciences Subjects are organised in the Australian Curriculum and Illustrations for Civics and Citizenship

Who we are, who came before us, and traditions and values that have shaped societies

  • The influence of social media in shaping identities and attitudes to diversity
  •  The shared values of Australian Citizenship 
  • The values that underpin Australia’s system of government (including British and American influences and a Christian heritage) 

How societies and economies operate and how they are changing over time

  • The operation of the three levels of government and Australia’s legal system in Australia 
  • The development of self government in Australia
  •  How governments respond to social and economic change 

The ways people, places, ideas and events are perceived and connected

      • How groups within society perceive each other and relate to one another. 
      • The influence of global connectedness and mobility on Australian identity 
      • Australians’ rights and responsibilities towards each other and Australia’s international obligations 

How people exercise their responsibilities, participate in society and make informed decisions

  • The role of the electoral and representative systems of government 
  • The participation of groups in civic life, such as social, cultural, political and religious groups 
  • The importance of active and informed citizenship in decision-making and the use of democratic processes 
(Australian Curriculum)


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