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Examples of Young Active Citizenship

Booyal Bunyips

Booyal Bunyips: Booyal Central State School students in Years 3 to 6 have spent 12 months in 2016 making a DVD filled with hilarious jokes to cheer up and raise funds for drought-stricken farmers in Western Queensland. The students, who call themselves the Booyal Bunyips, filmed, directed and edited the Kidding about for drought DVD to raise vital funds for grazing farming families in Western Queensland who are doing it tough because of drought.

The Booyal Bunyips raised $10,000 to donate directly to the Queensland Country Women’s Association’s Public Rural Crisis Fund. The DVD is available to purchase from the Booyal Bunyips' website ( for $14. (Internet sales of this DVD have ended, but they can still be purchased through the school directly).

National Ausralia Day Awards

See the National Australia Day Council page (  to inform students about the way we as a society value the work that is done all over the country,  largely by volunteers who do not expect such recognition but who work for the Common Good. Maybe there is a local hero in your area who could speak to students about their community involvement.

Banning Plastic Bags

Banning Plastic Bags: A young Victorian girl, Meg, has been campaigning for five years to have plastic bags banned.  See the BTN report:

Helping in the Local Environment

Helping in the local environment: Watch the story of a young 14 year old Chinese immigrant girl who helps out a local ranger to collect data on local plants and animals (this version of volunteering is called citizen science). This is the stimulus story to publicise the Behind the News Kids Contribute survey. Watch her story first and then ask your students how they contribute at home, at school or in the community.


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