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1. ACARA documentation on Australian Curriculum: History
History in the Australian Curriculum is now a sub-strand of the Humanities and Social Sciences subject in years Foundation to  Year 7 and then is offered as a separate subject in years 7-10 and as separate subject in the senior curriculum.  See Structure Summary on our page 'Humanities (HASS) in the Australian Curriculum.' 

2. QCAA Implementation Strategy

Find the implementation strategy for history in Queensland on the Queensland Studies Authourity website at

3. QCAA Support for Implementation

P-10 Australian Curriculum History and Resources - - takes you to a choice of year levels to consider an Overview; Curriculum content descriptions and elaborations showing the GCs and the CCPs that have been referred to; the Achievement Standards for the level; and Planning Considerations. The next tabs cover Assessment, Reporting and Resources.

5. Other assistance

Schools should look out for professional development provided by the Queensland History Teachers Association(QHTA - and also refer to the resources made available by Education Services Australia ( - go to Projects and make your choice in the National Digital Resources Network especially). Enter via Scootle.

The ACARA History curriculum began its implementation in Queensland schools in 2013.

SEAQ (in its former role as SOSEAQ) commented on each draft of the ACARA history curriculum, mostly in conjunction with our national body, SCEAA. We will actively promote any professional learning that assists teachers who have very little history background to implement the new curriculum in 2013 and thereafter.

We will also look for opportunities to link history learning with other parts of the social education curriculum that are our major focus.To this end, our first PD of 2013, "Dealing with Intercultural Mis-Understanding" emphasised the ACARA General Capability of Intercultural Understanding as it intersects with history and the curriculum elaborations. It looked at such things as present and past culture clashes, ethnocentrism (e.g. of colonialists),  and stereotyping and prejudice based on cultural background. 

On this page you will find:

  • The ACARA documentation about the History curriculum
  • What the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) has to say about its implementation in this state
  • QCAA support for history implementation
  • New sample assessments for Prep, year 2,5,6 and 7
  • Other assistance

4. New Sample Assesment Items

New sample assessments are now available for Prep, Years 2, 5, 6 and 7 assist schools to implement the Australian Curriculum: History . These assessments are connected to the previously published Exemplar Year Plans and Unit Overviews. Find them by going to the required year level resources (as above), click on Assessment and then Sample Assessments. Topics range from family histories in the early years to investigating an ancient history mystery in upper primary.

6. Resources

7. More SEAQ Compiled History Resources


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